La Cricca


La Cricca is the story of an encounter, between The Winefathers and winemaker Giacomo Orlando. An encounter that happened by chance, or perhaps marked by fate. The Winefathers - Luca, Luca and Alessandro - excited about their project in the wine world are looking for a new idea. But where to start?
Giacomo Orlando, young oenologist who works in a famous Friulian winery, feels the same need to create something new. Giacomo is a talented technician, capable of producing wines of excellence, but he wants to share his project with someone.
And so The Winefathers and Giacomo - with the later addition of Michelangelo, oenologist in love with digital communication - come together and form a group - a cricca as they call it - to work together and bring to the table their idea of wine from Friuli.



The grapes - carefully selected and harvested by hand - come from the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali, which includes the hills of the province of Udine, and boasts a combination of soil, climate and grape varieties particularly favorable. In the zone coexist native vines such as Malvasia, Picolit, Pignolo, Refosco, Ribolla Gialla, Schioppettino, Tazzelenghe, Tocai Friulano, Verduzzo and varieties from different parts of Europe such as Merlot, Sauvignon, Pinot, Cabernet that are now part of the local tradition.


Vino Friulano


Mild, the breeze comes from the sea, the dark falls from the sky. Sapid and alive, this white is a night of May, I would like it never to end. And between people laughing and talking, I see nothing in the middle of the party, except your eyes.

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Vino Pinot bianco

Pinot bianco

Rainfall takes you by surprise, in our lands. I go into an osteria, they play cards. This white is as powerful and enveloping as the stones on the walls. I do not even notice it, it comes a memory, like a secret.

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